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You’re Always On My Mind – Monica Walters
epub | 232.11 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09M2TLQ7H | Author: Monica Walters | Year: 2021


Single mother, Audrey Leonard, has been no stranger to pain and struggle. She’s strong, independent, and loyal despite the obstacles she has faced. After overcoming what could have been a deadly disease without the support of her loved ones, she meets the man of her dreams. Just when she thinks she’s ready to proceed with him, situations arise to make her reevaluate her position. Her self-esteem takes a hit, and she has a hard time building herself up to continue, thinking she doesn’t deserve what he has to offer and that he deserves better than what she has to offer in return.

Kenneth Gentry has waited his entire life to fall in love and the moment he sees Audrey, he knows that it’s possible that she could be the woman of his dreams. until she pulls away from him. He was friend zoned before they barely got started and he can’t understand why. When things in Audrey’s life takes a turn for the worst, all he wants is to be there for her to show her what being in love with him can feel like, but he’s afraid he may never get that chance.

Audrey’s stubbornness can possibly cause her to miss out on the deepest love she’s ever known. However, in her mind, the reasons for her decisions regarding her love life are clear, but for Kenneth. not so much. He’s determined to claim her as his despite her views of it all and convince her that she deserves everything he has to give and more. Will she see things his way or push him out of her life once and for all?

*This book is a spin-off of Who Can I Run To by Monica Walters.

Category:Black & African American Women’s Fiction, Black & African American Women’s Fiction, Black & African American Romance Fiction

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