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This course will help you get the most out of your jointer & planer by helping properly set them and use them safely.

This woodworking course provides many important tips & fundamentals to get the most out of your jointer and planer.

How to set up your machines correctly for optimal performance.

Jointer & planer safety, how to read wood grain for proper feed direction and more.

There are not any course requirements or prerequisites for this class.

Jointers and planers are similar, but not identical. Each machine has a different function, but both machines are extremely useful when it comes to creating precisely machined boards in your shop.

Additionally, buying your lumber rough sawn and doing you own jointing and planing can save you a lot of money!

In broad strokes, jointers are the perfect tool for flattening faces and creating edges that are smooth, straight and square. Planers provide two parallel faces, and guarantee that every board you machine is exactly the same thickness.

This course, brought to you in conjunction with Woodworkers Guild of America, will help you double check your machines to make sure they’re correctly set up. This includes knife changes on both the jointer and planer, with techniques provided for perfectly setting the jointer knives. You’ll learn how to lubricate and maintain your jointer and planer for optimum performance. You’ll also learn:

How to read wood grain for proper feed direction to avoid tear out

Tricks for getting the jointer fence perfectly square

Low tech tips for setting jointer knives

Jointer and planer safety

What materials can and can’t be jointed and planed

How to eliminate jointer snipe

Safe and proper techniques for face jointing

Using the jointer to cut rabbets

Jointing tapers

Leveling planer infeed and outfeed tables

How to reduce or eliminate planer snipe

Planing extremely thin stock

Using your planer to clean up sawn edges

This course will help make sure you get the most out of your jointer and planer by helping you properly set the machines, and safely use them to their full potential.

Woodworkers wanting to get the most out of their jointer and planer.




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