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combined with physical exercise routine.

What you’ll learn

base concept of weight loss and how to develop a cardio based exercise plan


there are no requirements


It’s well known that if you want to lose body weight, you need a good nutrition plan

In this course we want to answer a simple question: which kind of physical exercise should we perform to lose weight?

Often fitness instructors or personal trainers, would reply: "you should lift weights" or "you should perform functional training".

In this course we don’t want to discredit these two methods, but we want to focus on this simply concept:


In the word "METHOD" we include training with lifting weights, functional training, but also training with cardio and without lifting weights.

About the word "PERSEVERANCE", let me ask you a question: would you be able to be perseverant in doing something you don’t like?

Maybe you go regularly to the gym, but you don’t like lifting weights; maybe you don’t have to go to the gym,or you simply like to run in nature, and not on a tapis roulant.

In this course you will learn to train by yourself, how to develop a cardio based exercise plan, which can be executed at the gym on cardio machines, or at home.

Who this course is for:

people of all fitness levels

people that do no have to spent at gym

people that regularly train at gym

people that want to lose weight without lifting weights





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