Created by Shota Fukuda | Published 2/2021
Duration: 57m | 12 sections | 12 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 300 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Understand basic web programming knowledge such as “Client-Server system”, “PHP programming” etc.

– Start PHP programming –

Be able to explain how these technologies work in your PC


This course includes how to use basic PHP command, how to develop easy web app by PHP.

After you finished this course, you will fully understand the relationship between client-side and server-side.

And also, you will have skills of web fundamental and PHP/HTML programming!

Fundamental PHP programming by sample source code is offered in this course,

so you will get used to PHP programming and web fundamental easily.


This course contents are as follows.


2 Client-side and Server-side program

2.1. Client-side program

2.2. Server-side program

3 Runnable programming language in server

3.1. Major runnable programming language in server

3.2. Difference between interpreter and compiler

4 Mechanism to execute program in server

4.1. Return result set

4.2. CGI

4.3. Module

5 Input form – send input data to server –

5.1. What is input form

5.2. Elements of input form

5.3. Methods to send data to server

5.4. URL encoding

6 JavaScript and Ajax

6.1. JavaScript – associate with HTML –

6.2. Event-driven programming

6.3. Basic statement of JavaScript

6.4. Ajax – associate with server-side program –

7 Database

7.1. Database – store and search data effectively –

7.2. Major database software

8 Set up development environment

8.1. Choose programming language

8.2. XAMPP – all in one package –

9 and install XAMPP to your PC

9.1. and install XAMPP to your PC

9.2. Path of XAMPP’s document root

10 How to code PHP program

10.1. Prepare text editor

10.2. Display file name extension

10.3. How to code PHP program

10.4. Execute PHP program

11 PHP programming fundamentals

11.1. Basic programming rule

11.2. Error and Warning message

11.3. Bug fixing


Finally, thank you for enrolling this course. Let’s start web programming!

Who this course is for:IT eeer want to acquire basic web programming knowledge, “Client-Server system”, “PHP programming” especiallyNon-IT eeer want to acquire basic knowledge about web programming


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