FLAC (tracks) | 1h 31 min | Genre: Electronic | 527 MB

01 Populous – Jumaca

02 JoyCut – Wireless

03 Locomotif – Onirica (Decomposer Remix)

04 Ice One – Fretta tascabile

05 Heathens – It Doesn’t Matter

06 Loop Therapy – infasediripiglio

07 Fero – Fabulous Grains in Dynamic Range Portrait

08 Lovin’ Beats – You Don’t Know Me

09 Nepovero – Revolution

10 Sophie Lillienne – The Day Before The World Changed

11 Michele Staino; Renato Cantini – Radio 2

12 Mack – Boomdahjah

13 Agostino Maria Ticino – All Remains the Same

14 Quiroga – Futurible

15 Scent – Linked

16 Youvoid – Ghost Flower

17 Maddalena – Moonlight

18 Ze Hop – Deep In My Soul

19 Suz – Pure Rapture (White Raven Deep Dub Remix Instrumental)

20 Big Mojo; Johnny La Rosa – Back Where I Belong (feat. Johnny La Rosa) (Dub in Chronophone)

The word indietronica is very significant: it is the fusion of the word Indie with the word Electronica. This is the starting point for this musical selection that is inspired by contemporary electronic sounds and collects the songs from the catalog of the Indie Irma Records label, contaminated by many musical genres but always looking for new sound combinations.

A new form of listening music, therefore Chill Out which is the present and probably the near future.








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