Mp3 CBR 320 kbps | Rock/Blues | 49 mins | 1CD | 116 Mb

Steve Gibson and The Red Caps – Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night

The Ravens – Bye Bye Baby Blues

The Dreamers – Can’t Get You Off My Mind

The Cardinals – I’ll Always Love You

The Robins – School Girl Blues

The Swallows – Since You’ve Been Away

James Reed – This Is The End

The Clovers – Don’t You Know I Love You

Johnny Fuller – Prowling Blues

Floyd Dixon – Doin’ The Town

Elmore James – Long Tall Woman

Walter Robertson – Sputterin’ Blues

Rosco Gordon – Just In From Texas

Little George Smith – Down In New Orleans (aka Hey Mr Porter)

Mercy Dee – Have You Ever

The Swallows – Roll Roll Pretty Baby

The Rivals – Don’t Say You’re Sorry Again

The Cardinals – Please Don’t Leave Me





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