Mp3 CBR 320 kbps | Dance | 8 hrs 16 mins | 1,12 Gb

Workout Machine – Every Breath You Take (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Dancing With Myself (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – After (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – When Doves Cry (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Summer of 69 (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Manic Monday (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Flashdance (What a Feeling) [Workout Mix]

Workout Buddy – You Shook Me All Night Long (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Beat It (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – It’s My Life (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – Walk Like an Egyptian (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – Like a Prayer (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Sweet Dreams (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Hungry Like the Wolf (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Walk This Way (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Hungry Eyes (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Axel F (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – Back in Black (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – Lucky Star (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Eye of the r (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Money for Nothing (Workout Mix)

Cardio Hits! Workout – Welcome to the Jungle (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – C*m on Feel the Noize (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Wild Boys (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Open Your Heart (Workout Mix)

Cardio Hits! Workout – Tainted Love (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Need You Tonight (Workout Mix)

Ultimate Workout Hits  – The Passenger (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Fame (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Rock You Like a Hurricane (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – She Drives Me Crazy (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Shoot To Thrill (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – Dancing in the Street (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – My Prerogative (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – We’re Not Gonna Take It (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – She’s So Cold (Workout Mix)

Ultimate Workout Hits  – A Little Respect (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Born to Raise Hell (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – With or Without You (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Dress You Up (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Fight For Your Right (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – I Was Made For Loving You (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – Sledgehammer (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – She Works Hard For the Money (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Mony Mony (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Shock to The System (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – All Night Long (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Tell it to My Heart (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Broken Wings (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – The Power of Love (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – The Tide is High (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Owner of a Lonely Heart (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Suicide Blonde (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – I Send a Message (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – I Wanna Rock (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – Turn This Mutha Out (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – Mighty Wings (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Easy Lover (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – I Love Rock ‘N Roll (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Another Brick in The Wall (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – It’s Hip to Be Square (Workout Mix)

Fitness Workout Hits – Jump (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Kickstart My Heart (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – L.A. Woman (Workout Mix)

Ultimate Workout Hits  – Girls Girls Girls (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – Hard to Say I’m Sorry (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – Holiday (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Beds Are Burning (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – You Spin Me Round (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Thriller (Workout Mix)

Remix Workout Factory – Footloose (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – I Want You to Need Me (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Let’s Dance (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Ghostbusters (Workout Mix)

Ultimate Workout Hits  – Devil Inside (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – I’m Too Sexy (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – Simply the Best (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Don’t You Want Me (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Big in Japan (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – I’ve Just Died in Your Arms Tonight (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Dancing Queen (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Who Made Who (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Like a Vi (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Nasty Girl (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Somebody (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – Tarzan Boy (Workout Mix)

Fitness Workout Hits – Rock the Casbah (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Take on Me (Workout Mix)

Workout Buddy – Out of Touch (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – I Think We’re Alone Now (Workout Mix)

DJ Remix Workout – Eat the Rich (Workout Mix)

Workout Music – I Only Want to Be With You (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Strange Love (Workout Mix)

Workout Remix Factory – Nothing Compares 2 U (Workout Mix)

Work This! Workout – Oh L’Amour (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Oh Sherrie (Workout Mix)

United DJ’s of Workout – Personal Jesus (Workout Mix)

Workout Machine – Rebel Yell (Workout Mix)

The Gym Allstars – Enjoy the Silence (Workout Mix)




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