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Designed for accurate IR predictions with full background interactions, RadThe software is available for Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems.

Simulations with RadThe deliver a complete temperature distribution and heat rates for radiation, conduction and convection, allowing your team to maximize eeering options in early stages of vehicle development or validate final product design. With the temperature distribution established, infrared radiance in selected wave bands can be predicted for diffuse, single-bounce BRDF, and multibounce BRDF renderings.
Infrared analysis can be applied to humans, vehicles, buildings or other eeered systems

Infrared analysis can be applied to humans, vehicles, buildings or other eeered systems

RadThe is equipped with everything but your surface mesh: pre-processing for conductivity and mesh normals, boundary condition set-up, an optimized thermal solver, and post processor / results viewer with BRDF rendering tab. With minimal effort you can analyze conduction, multibounce radiation, and convection (steady-state or transient). All functions are integrated into one carefully designed graphical user interface allowing users to analyze designs very quickly and accurately.

RadThe’s highly efficient Graphical User Interface and numerically optimized solver provide your team with comprehensive IR signature solutions and a fast return on investment. Join the many leading simulation teams who use RadThe to achieve faster -to-market and reduced testing costs.

Add-On Modules

RadTherm can also be licensed to operate with add-on modules for specific purposes.

Parallel Module: ThermoAnalytics software can be licensed to support shared memory parallel processing. This delivers results more efficiently; a single processor takes about 3.75 s longer to find a solution than a four processor machine with the same clock speed.

Camouflage Texturing Module

Advanced BDRF Rendering Module

Sea Rendering Module

Human Thermal Comfort Module: The human comfort module for RadTherm and MuSES analyzes human thermal comfort within complex environments. It computes complete comfort indexes.

Battery Module: The battery module analyzes battery chal and thermal performance. It is useful for predicting battery performance under realistic loading, packaging, and environmental thermal loads.

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