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Do you want to immigrate to Canada but have been unsuccessful with the French language exam

What you’ll learn

Preparation for the TEFaQ


Having a B1+ level


No worries! This course is here to prepare you to get the B2 level required for the immigration application.

The aim of this course is to fully prepare yourself to the TEFaQ test so that you receive a B2 level necessary for the Quebec and Canadian immigration. This course will get you ready for all parts of the TEFaQ test: the listening and the speaking. In this course we will go through everything you need to know about the exam in order to fully prepare you to solve all of its tasks with ease. This course also teaches you how to learn in an effective way so you only have to study what’s relevant, learn smart proven techniques and score high.

You’ll learn the exact strats, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to solve every section of the 2 components of the TEFaQ. I will give you the ready to work keys – tactics and secrets – to succeed on the TEFaQ test.

The TEFaQ is a mandatory test in the context of economic immigration programs that require proof of language skills, at the request of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to Canada.

It is important to remember that the TEFaQ exam measures your level of knowledge and skills in French by assessing your level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. The test format is the same regardless of your level.

Who this course is for:

Students taking the TEFAQ




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