epub | 3.72 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1957205806 | Author: Painter, Amanda J., Haire, Brenda A. | Year: 2022


Are you tired of turnover? Are you ready for productivity immediately after hiring?

Employee turnover is costly, and in order to increase retention, you need a set of tools to streamline new employee integration, establish engagement, and empower your team.
The Onboarding Process breaks down seven, simple C’s that will assist you in creating an effective system for your small business. This book will guide you through

  • How to collaborate with your team for a fluid onboarding process.
  • What to communicate when and how.
  • Solutions to common onboarding challenges .
  • Details of compliance necessary to protect your company and employees.
  • Clarifying expectations every step of the way for the new hire.
  • Connecting your new hire to the people and tools needed to succeed.
  • Strategies to integrate your new hire into your company culture .

    Create employee connections with clarity and confidence: Implement The Onboarding Process Today .

  • Category:Document Management, Internships, Office Automation Skills

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