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Welcome to the (Node.

Master NodeJS in 6 hrs Learn Express, Templating, Middlewares, MVC, Rest API, Servers & More to Develop Scaling Node app

Complete understanding of Node and express in very less

Creating Servers Natively using node and then Using Express

Express Router

Routings and how request response cycle works

How Middleware works

An Open API to understand how to make requests and get response back(Different from restful)

RestFul API


MVC: (Model View Controller Pattern)

Little Javascript will help you

Although it’s not a Must Because you can learn core concepts of JS very easily

You can understand the concept very easily even if you are not familiar with javascript

COURSE GOAL IN SHORT: Fast paced, up to date, small express app included, data fetching from real api with modern structure including a beautiful RESTful API

Develop an Awesome Live-weather Fetching App

js+Express: Crash Course 2021) in this course we will understand node and express from complete scratch(completely scratch from History to Present).

Node is currently most in demand backend framework for creating high end scaling web apps and no way as a developer you should resit to understand how and what it does.

This course is produced on a very erudite pattern i will take you forward one step at a each section is build after the previous one that would result into pure clarification of confusing concepts in very easy way.

The plus point of this course is in short period of you will gain vast amount of knowledge that otherwise would take you so much only to understand the concept leave alone putting that in your project so without any further delay let’s get into it.

Final Consideration: This Course takes you from absolute bner to understanding enough fundamentals to pick up node very fast. so without any delay let’s start this amazing and full of new knowledge journey with me.

By the end of the course You will master

— Node and Express Complete Details(NPM)

— Creating Servers

— Routers and how request response cycle works

— How to export modules

— Express Router

— Static Middleware

— Bootstrap Navbar intergation in Express app

— Middleware

— Templating (Template Ee)

— RestFul API

— (MVC Architecture) Model View Controller Pattern of Scaling an App with {Advance Frontend rendering}

Students who want to gain deep knowledge about Node and express with detailed explanation in short


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