The Military-Peace Complex – Gender and Materiality in Afghanistan
pdf | 2 MB | English | Isbn:978-1474453325 |Author: Partis-Jennings, Hannah | Page: 221 | Year: 2021


Exploring the physical, embodied landscape of the military-peace complex in Afghanistan
This book focuses on the military and statebuilding components of the international project in Afghanistan since 2001. It posits and discusses the military-peace complex as a framework through which to understand the international project in Afghanistan, pointing to the sliding together and collapse between military and peace actors, mandates and ideational frameworks. Arguing that military and peace work in the liberal mode cannot be logically separated, but rather are co-constituted and operate in a dynamic relationship to each other with fluid and shifting boundaries, the book focuses on the role of gender within the logics of the international project in Afghanistan, as well as exploring material and spatial entanglements and cross-cutting logics.
Based on original interviews and wider research the book offers a holistic way of viewing the international project in Afghanistan, drawing attention to its under-noticed elements and providing a new way of understanding its politics.

Category:Military Policy, War & Peace, Political History

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