The Fear of Falling – B Cranford
epub | 231.49 KB | English | Author :B. Cranford | B086JCVVKH | 2020 | B. Cranford

Book Description :

Everyone kno love is a battlefield. For Lenny Johnstone, it’s more like a challenge.

Actually, everything is kind of a challenge for her. In comparison to her stunning–yet flighty–twin sister, Lenny’s awkwardly tall, painfully shy, and not so good at putting herself out there. Which is why she’s decided it’s high time she faced her demons. Starting with the one thing that’s always terrified her most: roller coasters.

Meeting a man was not on her summer to-do list. Falling for the tall, dark, and handsome stranger who wants to help her overcome her fears wasn’t either.

But Lenny’s about to learn that the only thing with more twists and turns than a roller coaster is love.

Category : | Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Women’s Romance Fiction, Contemporary Women Fiction

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