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Have the ability to choose the network components suitable for their own network.

What you’ll learn

Be able to write communication programs.

Be able to administrate a computer network.


Technical people with some computer background.


What Will I Learn?

You will get a visual orientation of the TCP/IP protocol stack.

Important terms and concepts in the networking world.

Creating a full communication programs.

What communication components exist and how they operate.

How to debug network issues.

Linux communication tables and their content.

Inspecting network traffic using Wireshark.

The broad vision of the internet communication world and how to operate in it.

How to create a bridge, router, WIFI dongle and other components.

Who this course is for:

People who want to understand the network world.

People who want to gain insight of the communication world and work in it.

People who want to administrate a computer network.

People who want to write comunication programs.

People who need to use tools to create and debug computer networks.





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