UploadHUB.io EARN $50 PER 1000 DOWNLOADS
KatzDownload giving you one of the best filehost

Country Groups :
Tier 1 United States, Canada, United KingdomTier 2 Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Sweden

Tier 3 India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Greece, Belgium

Tier 4 All Other Countries

Rules of Engagement :
– Cheaters will be caught & banned
– Any proxy usage to create fake downloads will be caught & blocked
– We will not allow uploading of any child porn or anything of that nature
– Minimum payout is $25-$50 depending on payout method. *Paypal is $25 while Bitcoin is $50*
– Files smaller than 25MB will not quality for credit
– Self-Downloading is not counted

More information * features :

– Adult content, movies, games ebooks tv shows, etc are all allowed
– *Child Porn is highly prohibited*
– Files will be kept permanently as long as they are not stale for 45+ days with no hits/downloads
– We only offer PPD at this time – PPS may come in the near future.
– No download speed restrictions
– No upload speed restrictions
– No maximum file size limit
– 2 DL’s per 24 hours per IP
– Z_O_O_M support is being investigated

You can make your account with this link



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