English | 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1119679943 | 389 Pages | True PDF | 21.58 MB

At its core, a smart city is a collection of technological responses to the growing demands, challenges, and complexities of improving the quality of life for billions of people now living in urban centers across the world.

Become empowered to build and maintain smarter cities

The movement to create smarter cities is still in its infancy, but ambitious and creative projects in all types of cities―big and small―around the globe are bning to make a big difference. New ideas, powered by technology, are positively chag how we move humans and products from one place to another; create and distribute energy; manage waste; combat the climate crisis; build more energy efficient buildings; and improve basic city services through digitalization and the smart use of data.

Inside this book you’ll find out:

What it really means to create smarter cities

How our urban environments are being transformed

Big ideas for improving the quality of life for communities

Guidance on how to create a smart city strategy

The essential role of data in building better cities

The major new technologies ready to make a difference in every community

Smart Cities For Dummies will give you the knowledge to understand this important topic in depth and be ready to be an agent of change in your community.








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