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Have you just started working in a jewelry store and have been struggling to make your first sale?

What you’ll learn

How to find more of your dream customer’s

The 5 different types of customers and how to sell to them

What sales training big jewelry brands recommend

22 different sales closing questions

How to isolate the real objection

How to use the value ladder to sell more jewelry

The difference between a complaint and a objection

7 step outline to closing the sale


Wanting to learn how to sell

Willing to give yourself honest feedback


Are you a jewelry designer and struggle to sell your product?

This was my problem and having all of my co-workers tell me to try this close and that opening and it did not work. This went on for months and sadly the help available online was next to nothing when you search for jewelry sales training. You have people still trying to sell you CD’s with the information on the CD.

So after months and months of not hitting my targets and getting my commissions, it hit me like a train.

I needed to take what other successful salespeople and sales trainers where doing in other industries. Learn it all everything that could move me in the correct direction and then apply it to jewelry sales. This gave me some success and allowed me to become a port and shopping guide basically selling jewelry to thousands of cruise ship guests every week via TV , In-person, and other promotions.

Having to get people to take out of the once in a life vacation to go jewelry shopping with me in different islands.

So if you think selling to people in a traditional jewelry store was a struggle imagine if you only had one week at most with every person you meet and only maybe 5 minutes of their attention to get them to shop where you want them to shop.

That takes a lot of trial and error especially when you’re dealing with customers from every part of the planet

So this is what you will learn

How to navigate limiting beliefs when selling jewelry

How expensive is too expensive when buying jewelry

How to make yourself feel more confident when looking to sell larger pieces of jewelry

How to find more of your dream customers

Where your dream customers could be hiding ( the answer is simpler than you think)

Here you will learn 20 different methods to ask for the sale and destroy objections specific to the jewelry industry

Check close

Assisted money close

Assisted manager close

Treat yourself close

Do something nice for yourself close

Ben Franklin close

If everything was right close

first to say yes close

Metal color close

Purchase something you could not afford close

Few people think they can close

I need to think about it

I’m your employee close

How to isolate the real objections

How to get your customer to tell you the real objection

And other closing techniques specific to the jewelry industry

So now you have the choice at the moment the course is free but eventually the course will go up in value

So now you have to decide is this for you or not for you?

Stay busy and get selling

Levon Callinan

Who this course is for:

Sales people

Jewelry sales people

Sales teachers

Marketing students

Jewelry designers





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