Sanguine Spell Ahava Trivedi
epub | 599.56 KB | English | Isbn:B084T5SSS1 | Author: Ahava Trivedi | PAge: 308 | Year: 2020


Sometimes the pull of darkness is stronger than the light.

To hell with Bloodline Academy.
To hell with the Supernatural Light Alliance.

The only thing I care about is to avenge my mother’s untimely death. And apparently, the only way to do that is by leaving Louisiana and ending up in the Carpathian Mountain range across Europe at Silverstone Academy, a hidden school for the Silver Shadows werewolves.

Hanging out with werewolves who are deeply suspicious of vampires wasn’t part of the plan. But at least my boyfriend and besties have come along for the ride. Oh, and the other advantage of our new placement: we’re now just a cavernous skip-and-a-hop away from the ultra-creepy Cachtice Castle, the Blood Countess’s last known whereabouts and likely the current ones of my mom’s killer.

As we settle in at Silverstone Academy and secrets start to unravel, I find myself seeking out a Sanguine vampire
from my past.

And my past is about to return – big time.

Bloodline Academy is a brand-new, exciting urban fantasy series with a strong heroine who battles darkness inside and out, some powerful but cliquey witches, savage (and gorgeous) vampires with big tickets on themselves, and a bad boy werewolf with a good heart.

The level of action, romance and intensity increases with each instalment so buckle up and enjoy the twisted ride!

Category:Children’s Folk Tales & Myth Collections, Metaphysical Fantasy eBooks, Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks

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