Sam Cheever Halloween Love 01 Bound by Blood
pdf | 240.56 KB | English | Isbn:B07B425B2T |Author: Sandy Decker | Page: 29 | Year: 2018


Werewolf. In the diner. With the frying pan.
Top chef Nora Ashcroft just died. But instead of the afterlife, she’s entered the magical town of Eastwind.
However, witches, vampires, and the grim reaper (he prefers you call him Ted) become the least of her concerns when she stumbles upon a fresh murder and all wands point to her as the prime suspect.
With a snarky hellhound familiar she doesn’t want and new psychic powers she doesn’t know how to use, can Nora exonerate herself by piecing together who killed the werewolf in the diner with the frying pan?
Crossing Over Easy is the first book in the delightful Eastwind Witches series (best enjoyed in order). If you love witty female sleuths, humorous hijinks, and sweet-as-cherry-pie love interests, you will adore Nova Nelson’s magical cozy mysteries.

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Category:Humorous Fantasy, Witch & Wizard Mysteries, Cozy Mystery

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