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Data recovery software for macOS formatted disks and flash drives with APFS, HFS+ file structures.

Your Mac keeps giving you errors, or the system just won’t boot, and you’ve almost given up hope of saving any of your important documents Need to recover files after “losing” a partition, remove files from a disk that is no longer recognized by the system Use professional Mac recovery software! RS Mac Recovery is a simple and powerful tool that solves most data loss issues in two steps.
RS Mac Recovery will not only help you recover your most important files that have become inaccessible due to errors or system crashes, disappeared after careless deletion or formatting of disks. The tool will also come in handy in more complicated situations when you have to deal with severe disk corruption or recreate logical structures from scratch.

Recovering Mac files from a cleared Trash

Even if you are sure that you deleted files irretrievably: you used “Command + Delete” keys or emptied the Trash after deletion – do not rush to despair. RS Mac Recovery’s powerful algorithms handle even such situations. The professional-grade tool recovers deleted files in just a few clicks. Try not to write anything to the disk after you discover that the documents you need have disappeared. Run the program and start scanning – you will find all the files available for recovery in the results window. Check to see if all the data you need is there before you buy the program. After you register it, you will be able to save your files in their original form.

Extracting data from APFS/HFS+ formatted partitions

Data disappearing after formatting disks and re-partitioning may also seem like an insurmountable problem. However, it is still possible to recover the information, and almost to the fullest extent. Run a deep scan of the drive with RS Mac Recovery. Using signature-based search technology, the tool will piece together even severely damaged files, including after disk formatting and creating new logical volumes.

Recovering files from an erased Mac partition

One of the most common causes of data loss on a Mac is damage to one or more partitions. The causes of the problem range from file system malfunctions and irregularities in the partition table to the trivial deletion of the volume containing the data you need. In all cases, a Mac cannot detect the partition, which means that all data on it becomes inaccessible as well. RS Mac Recovery can also restore access to damaged partitions and inaccessible files. An in-depth system scan reveals deleted partitions with their original contents and restores their structure. And the main result of the program’s work is the safe retrieval and preservation of your data.

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