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Think higher level, write grounded code.

Everything you need to know to write Scala with Cats
What the F[_]!

We Scala programmers love abstractions and Cats is one of the most popular libraries. At the same , Cats is notorious for having a steep learning curve. Functors, Applicatives, Semigroupals, not to mention the M word. Few people make sense of them all. For the rest of us mortals, it’s a brick wall. Certainly was for me when I started.

But it doesn’t have to be. After lots of pain, I understood how this library can be fun to learn AND write with, IF – and that’s a big if – you follow a clear structure and a smooth sequence. The bad news is that’s tough to make. The good news is that I think (there’s a good chance that) you have it in front of you.

You’re looking at the only course on the web that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (and a real cat) and will get you through everything you need to know to be productive. Down to earth, hands-on, no psychobabble, and no F[_] bombs until you’re ready.

This course is for Scala eeers at least at the level of the Advanced Scala course. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use any Cats feature without any problems.

you want to get started with the Typelevel ecosystem

you want to learn Cats but found it confusing, abstract or obscure

you want to learn the more general category theory while being pragmatic

you want some practice material on Cats

you want to hear the Rock the JVM tune again at the end of the videos

you’ll write correct code quicker and more concisely

you’ll be able to read the concise code of other people MUCH more easily

you’ll be able to motivate WHY you chose a particular type class or approach

you’ll start to think in general terms naturally, or get better at it

you’ll deeply internalize how to use type classes well in Scala

you’ll manipulate data in a purely functional way EVERYWHERE

you’ll be VERY intimate with the M word (to not let your mind wander, that’s monads)

you’ll instantly get more experience with Cats in 10 hours here than most Cats programmers in their first few months

you’ll understand and use abstract math with purely pragmatic goals like calling an endpoint or sending an email

we’ll have structure and logical progression, instead of you being thrown in the pool

we’ll write code 98% of the – we have 2k LOC on camera

we’ll practice the S[_] out of everything – we have dozens of exercises and examples

we’ll see/speak no boring abstract math

we’ll deconstruct things that otherwise seem really obscure

we’ll talk everything on Slack if there’s anything confusing

we’ll share all the code, slides and cheat sheets

After this course, you’ll be able to read and write any code, however complex, that has Scala with Cats in it.


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