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Did you know there’s a wealth of copyright free pictures which are already digitised, online and available to use in the public domain.

Now, many cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries and online art collections are even actively encouraging artists to remix their pictures and turn them into animated gifs, but as you can imagine there’s thousands to choose from, so where do you start and how do you do it?

Well don’t worry, because in this class I’ll help you navigate through this maze of incredible images, as I show you my techniques for narrowing down searches, finding great images to use for animation and then subsequently remixing these freely available images, turning them into short and funny animated gifs.

To do this I’ll be using a combination of software like Adobe’s Photoshop and After Effects, as well as top selling art app, Procreate, on the iPad. 

First we’ll dive into the new features Procreate 5X has to offer, using their fun face painting augmented reality tool, together with the clone and warp adjustments, plus we’ll be using Procreate’s versatile Animation Assist feature to animate four masks, simply using your own acting abilities to bring facial expressions to life, as the masks edited within Procreate are augmented onto your face!

These will then become the main players in a Halloween devilish animation, so don’t be afraid to play the fool and expent with all sorts of fun and silly faces you can make whilst digitally wearing them! Then, having created your masterpiece, it’s a breeze to export your creation as an animated gif directly from within Procreate itself!

Next, we’ll look at using the many powerful tools Adobe Photoshop has, to, separate, cut out, clone, prepare and layer the main parts of an old picture we can bring to life through clever animation techniques in Adobe After Effects (AE), using the might of Duik rigs, puppet tools and the variety of special effects AE has to offer! Your composition can then be easily turned into an animated gif at different resolutions and sizes, by rendering it effortlessly from Adobe’s Media Encoder, which works in perfect tandem with AE.

Both of these gif making techniques will help you go on to create lots of short, funny animated gifs, so let’s get stuck in and learn to bring free digitised cultural images to life, whilst having a lot of fun along the way!








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