Product School
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Join our exclusive course dedicated to Product Management, in which we feature seven of the most prominent product minds like Ken Sandy, former VP of Product at Masterclass, Anu Ramakrishnan, PM at Samsung, Clémence Tiradon, Director of Product at eBay, Maureen Keating, PM at Adobe, Abhinav Sharma, Product Lead at Quora, Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix, and Ketan Nayak, PM at Coalition and a former Dropbox PM.

Each talk will focus on the most trending insights of the product world.

This four-hour-long course was designed by those who are leading the change in the industry to teach and inspire product professionals across the globe. Enroll to pick the brain of these top product leaders.


StartProduct Management or Product Marketing: Which Is Right For You by Adobe PM (21:02)

StartDefensibility 101: How to Build And Break Software Monopolies by Quora Product Leader (10:43)

StartBranding for Builders by fmr Netflix VP of Product (26:22)

StartHow To Prioritize as a Product Manager by fmr Dropbox PM (32:24)

StartOvercoming Cognitive Biases (Product Managers Are People Too) by fmr Masterclass VP of Product (23:41)

StartBuilding Successful Digital Health Products as a PM by Samsung PM (22:36)

Start3 Key Biases in Product and How to Avoid Them by eBay Director of Product (23:18)

Product School

Product School is the 1st tech business school offering Product Management certificates, and corporate training. In 20 campuses across the world and online.


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