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PointerStick is a portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick, for example for Presentations to highlight the current mouse position and the emphasis on presenting will be better.

The use of the virtual pointer stick is ideal for projectors (Beamer) and larger LED/LCD screens.

# Very Small Program

# Low CPU usage

# Adjustable size of Pointer Stick

# Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps)

# Optional alpha transparency

# Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboard input

# hide system mouse pointer feature (a feature based on … AutoHideMouseCursor)

# Optional translation feature

# Portable

# Multilingual

New languages for big Mouse Pointer Stick: Thai and Bulgarian

Small corrections and improvements

Update of the language files

Thanks to Chanchana for the Thai language.

Thanks to Nider Karlov for the Bulgarian language.





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