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OneSafe Photo Recovery software can quickly recover all your lost images and media files.

It supports a range of digital photo file formats, audio file formats, and video file formats for recovery. The software supports almost all the popular brands of cameras. If the desired file type is not in the list of supported formats, you can add it using Add Header feature of the tool. The lost media files stored on a memory card can be found efficiently by the photo recovery software.
OneSafe Photo Recovery also supports digital card reader or external storage media. When you attach a storage device to the computer, your computer must recognize it for running the recovery software on it. The computer assigns a drive letter to all recognizable card readers or external storage media.

OneSafe Photo Recovery performs a scan to find all the recoverable images and media files. The software provides a preview of the scanned images and media files. The user can save scan information file of the scanned storage media. This saved scan information file can be used later to recover lost images and media files by the help of OneSafe Photo Recovery.

Updated supported file formats for better recovery.

The software supports thumbnail recovery for photo file formats.

Displays deleted files and folders in a tree hierarchy (for FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems).

Supports recovery of files with original date stamp, camera model/name, resolution and file name, if available.

Supports Classic, File List and Deleted List tree view for volume scan (of FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems).

Fast recovery of lost image and media formats.

The software supports Raw recovery from the storage devices.

Recover files from corrupt memory card.

Recover files from formatted memory devices.

Supports creating an image of the memory for recovery at a later stage.

Support for a wide range of media formats for recovery.

The user can resume recovery by the help of saved image file, or scan information.

The software provides a preview of found photos, audio, and video files.

Support for all type of memory card devices.

Supports scanning of 2 terabytes of storage space.

Provides option to add and edit file headers.

New user-friendly interface (with re-size capability).

Support for Unicode.

Support of four views of results – Icon view, Details view, Column view, and Cover Flow view.

Advanced preferences for Preview, Add Header and Edit Header.

Improved support for FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

Support for MXF movies, Three Camera model of HD-MOV, Adobe EPS (Mac) and Adobe EPS (Windows).

Preview support for corrupted files in safe mode, both in icon view and running preview.

Option to Check-Uncheck file(s) and folder(s) for recovery using Spacebar.

Option for Zoom In and Zoom out photos by the slider for thumb view.

Estimated display for the scanning process.

Recover data with original date stamping, Camera Model/Name, Resolution, and Filename.

Optimized Resume Recovery windows in a single page for Disk Image, Volume Image and saved scan information.

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