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Office(R)Tool 2.08 | File Size: 10.4 MB

OfficeRTool – Tool To Install, Activate, Config Office 2016 | 2019 | 2021.

Scrub Office
Reset – Repair Office
Start Kms Activation
Show Current Activation Status
Convert Retail License To Volume License
Install Office From Online Install Package
Create Office Online Web-installer Package Setup File
Create Office Online Web-installer Language Pack Setup File
Download Office Offline Install Image
Download Office Offline Install Package
Install Office From Offline Install Package-image
Create Iso Image From Offline Install Package-image
Check For New Version
Download Latest Release
Enable Visual Ui[with Ltsc Logo]
Enable Visual Ui[with 365 Logo]
Disable Acquisition And Sending Of Telemetry Data
Change Office Update-path (switch Distribution Channel)

What’s new
• Code Improve
• Improve Security check
• Add more settings[in INI file]


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