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Would you like to know what separates a high 6 or 7-figure consultant who has a waiting list of clients who are drawn to him or her almost magnetically .and a struggling consultant who lives hand to mouth, month to month

Everything You Get In Momentum

The Proven Implementation Program

for Early-Stage Consultants

30-Day Fast Track Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

Over 51 Straight to the Point Consulting Video Trainings

Proven Consulting Templates and Scripts to Start Using Right Away

Track Your Progress, Follow -Tested Strats to Get Results

Learn to Effectively Launch Your Consulting Business and Get Clients


Results Based Guarantee to Ensure You’re Successful

Would you like to know what separates a consultant who controls their schedule, makes a great impact doing what they are good at, and earns enough money to take off and enjoy it with their family, traveling, golfing, skiing, or just lying on the beach.and one who has to work 70-80 hours per week just to pay the mortgage

Would you like to know what separates a consultant who happily turns away potential clients because they’re not the PERFECT fit.and a consultant who HAS to take every client they can get, regardless of how -consuming and hair-pullingly irritating they will be because “beggars can’t be choosers”

Well the thing that separates them is pretty simple, actually.

If you work with (or plan to transition into working with) companies, associations or non-profit clients solving valuable problems… And if you take consistent action and follow my recommendations, within 25 days of enrolling in Momentum…

You’ll have at least 3-4 new highly-qualified leads in your pipeline

You’ll know exactly who your ideal client is…and isn’t

You’ll feel 100% confident about how to target and attract your ideal client

You will have a marketing message that will get the attention and interest of your ideal client so they respond to your messages and want to speak with you about how you can help them.

You will know how to build a repeatable, efficient marketing machine that delivers ideal clients consistently

You’ll know how to package, position and price your consulting services to increase your revenue by 40% to 300%

You’ll know how to write winning proposals faster and easier

You’ll see your pipeline of ideal customers filling up before your eyes

…in 25 days or less or we’ll personally work with you until you do…or give you a full refund whichever you prefer.

Now back to the promise.

You must promise to focus and follow the system.

And here’s why this is so important. There are so many things you COULD be doing to grow your consulting business.



Google Ads


Facebook Ads

Masted groups

Networking events

YouTube videos

Email marketing

Referral programs

And it seems like 15 new shiny objects pop up every week.

Think of it this way… you probably have developed systems, procedures and methods for solving your clients’ problems, right Don’t you hate it when THEY get distracted or side-tracked and fail to follow YOUR recommendations

Same applies here. This system is guaranteed to work…if you work it and stay focused. OK, that covers the promise I need you to make.


Your Step-by-Step System for Rewriting Your Consulting Story and Finally Building the Consulting Business You’ve Dreamed About

A systematic way to earn your prospective client’s trust early in the process.reducing their risk and making them more comfortable saying “yes” and writing you a check

A process for shortening your sales cycle from months (or even years) to weeks or even days.

My step-by-step method for positioning your expertise so ideal clients are drawn to you…they even seek you out

A fill-in-the-blank formula for creating your own Magnetic marketing messages

A simple but powerful method for getting clients to contact you and ask, “How do you do that” It’s all about promising specific results. But most consultants don’t or won’t do this…and their proposals land in the “I’ll get back to you” file.

How to get you marketing message in front of your perfect to be where they are and get their attention

My 4-step no-charisma-required method for finding, engaging with and closing high-paying clients

A foolproof method for increasing your confidence and giving yourself more energy and zest for your work

A script you can follow to book interviews with prospects that lead to paying engagements

How to get your prospective clients to tell you everything you need to know to close them

A simple exercise to insure a prospect will never think “So what” about your services and expertise again

A proven checklist, swipe file and template for developing a social media presence that makes them think, “It’s like they are talking directly to me!” (That will only take you hours to construct.not weeks or months)

How to turn your social media into a lead generating asset, not just a “digital brochure”

My method for lowering a buyer’s perceived risk so they’re ready to do business with you today

A proven process for getting the first “yes” from a buyer fast.this can also help you disqualify bad clients before you commit to hundreds of hours of work!

A 3-step system for getting paid more.without raising your fees

The “get-back-to-you-fast” proposal templates my clients have used.thousands of s.all over the land new business fast


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