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Access to Live Linux Lab environment!

What you’ll learn

Learn Linux Command Line from basics

Learn Linux File System & Navigation

Learn to work with file attributes and permissions

Learn vi Editor with practical usages

Use "cron" to schedule tasks

Learn various text processing commands to work efficiently

Learn to create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance to practice


The course is geared towards a Linux Bner!

For experienced Linux Users – This course might work as a refresher!


08/2020 Update: Access to Live Linux Labs

The course teaches you the Linux Command Line fundamentals, and take you on a journey with a good learning experience. We have also included few videos that guide you to set up your own Linux VM and also a Linux EC2 instance in the AWS cloud!

Linux Command-line:

You will learn to work with the Linux files and folders!

You will learn to navigate the Linux File System efficiently!

You will learn to create our own command to save !

You will learn to create links & understand their limitations!

You will learn to use many Text Processing commands!

You will learn to use many commands effectively – ls, cd, grep, find….. etc

You will learn to Standard I/O and Redirection with all concepts around it!

You will learn to use "su" and "sudo" commands!

You will learn to work with file attributes and permissions!

You will learn to edit files using the "vi" editor!

You will learn to schedule jobs!

You will learn to archive files & folders using tar command!

You will learn to customize your bash shell!


You will learn to install VirtualBox, create VM and install ubuntu OS!

You will learn to create an AWS account!

You will learn to create a Linux EC2 instance!

You will learn to SSH into your Linux EC2 instance!

Who this course is for:

DevOps & Cloud Eeers/Architects

Linux Systetwork Administrators

QA Professionals working with Linux Systems

Anyone who has a desire to learn Linux!





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