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Programming, Problem Solving, Project Building and Design Skills.

7X Projects & Homework than others + practice/quizzes

Deep Dive with Python 3 Modern Syntax from basic to advanced

EXTENSIVE practice and homework sets to master the key concepts

MANY Projects from easy to hard with their solutions for projects-building skills

MANY Quizzes to master the concepts

FOUR critical skills to master not just one

A proven curriculum: Many of my thousands students highly recommend it

Short lectures, to the point, comprehensive and easy to get

Learn from PhD holder in AI: Teaching, Training & Coaching for many years

Passion with building things!

Passion with problem solving!

Access to a computer.

Welcome to one of the unique programming Bootcamp experiences you will ever get.

The most critical difference between my course and others is: Going beyond knowledge: With me, you get really skilled.

The course covers basic to advanced modern Python 3 syntax. Bners will learn a lot!

The course helps you master the 4 most important skills for a programmer

Programming skills

Problem-solving skills: rarely covered by other courses

Project building skills: partially covered by other courses

Design skills: rarely covered by other courses

7+ s practice & homework compare to other courses + many (real & challeg) projects

Special Teaching style: iterative, easy, and short

In a few minutes, I cover clearly what many others need 2-3 s to explain

This is an English Course only. Manual English subtitles will also be provided soon.

Content (under progress)

Fundamentals: Variables, Loops, Control Flow, Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary, Functions, Recursive Functions

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP):

Objects, Classes, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operator Overloading

Embedded in homework: Several design principles & patterns

Special Topics: Files, Exception Handling, Decorators, Generators, Popular modules

A huge set of Quizzes, Practice, Homework, and Projects

2 styles of homework: Algorithmic (problem-solving) and applications

Several software design concerns are embedded in the homework.

So you are getting introduced to Software Eeering & Design Patterns

Several quizzes to master the concepts

Building Skills: Practice, Homework, and Projects

One unique feature in this course is my education strategy:

Explain, Administrate & Challenge

Each video smoothly explains a simple concept(s)

Typically followed by easy to medium practice to administrate the concept

Then typically followed by an easy-medium-hard set of homework questions to challenge you

Extensive homework from easy to medium to hard to help to build the skills.

Most of the practice/homework questions are unique in this course

Programming questions are mainly from my competitive programming experience

OOP questions are mostly invented to achieve several goals:

Mastering the OOP concepts

Enforcing a lot of design heuristics & OOD

Preparing you for design principles and patterns

Small-to-large set of projects to build up project building and design skills

Solutions to all of them.

By the end of the journey

Solid understanding of programming concepts and its Python syntax

Mastering the target 4 skills

With the administered problem-solving skills

You can start competitive programming smoothly in Div2-A/B Codeforces

Smooth start in Data Structure course

Smooth start in Algorithms course

With the administered project-building and design skills

Smooth start in Software Eeering course

Later, smooth start in one of the technology tracks in frontend or backend

What are the common complaints from programming courses?

Limited topics coverage.

Outdated syntax.

Unnecessary long videos with repetitions.

Too much to explain basic concepts.

A sudden jump in the level. I can’t cope with the content.

Assumptions of previous knowledge to understand some of the concepts.

Building over concepts that were not mastered through practice or homework.

The same examples are used over and over.

Several consecutive lectures without practice or homework to master the concepts.

Awesome knowledge, almost zero skills.

Very little practice or homework.

Good homework in the first half and very weak in the remaining.

Many homework without solutions.

Only one project.

Small-size project.

Long but tedious project.

The project doesn’t help enforce the concepts.

Project source code is not provided. I needed to compare and learn.

Moving to Datastructures or Algorithms course was not easy. Weak problem-solving skills.

After the course, I am still stuck and can’t do even simple projects. Weak project-building skills.

The course taught OOP syntax and concepts nicely, but OOD skills are not built. Weak design-skills.

And more!

In this course, not only the content and skills are unique and added value, but also the whole experience to avoid as possible the above concerns and much more! Even if you attended a programming course, my material will be an added value, especially its homework and projects.

Don’t miss such a unique learning experience!

Samples from students reviews (cpp version):

"So far, this course has been better than I expected. There are enough challenges and enough content here to be a full introduction to programming and CS. The challenges really are challeg, and I plan to come back later to address some of them. The questions force you to think and to think through problems. This really is a CS 50 level course." – Adam Cohon

"Really exceptional course! I have fundamentals in c++ and OOP, but still I learn a lot from this course. Much appreciated to the lecturer." – Zichen Zhang

"Excellent teaching. Simple style and easy to follow. Very practical. Gets a bner programmer ready for real-world scenarios." – Ramesh Donthireddy

"It is always clear whatever the professor is trying to explain and I find that a good quality of teaching. I am looking forward to progressing further in the course and learn the 4 critical skills" – Manjot Singh Kalsi

"Well, actually one of the outstanding things about this course is the way of explaining the complex concept in a very simple and easy way. Moreover, the way of presenting the subject and connecting them with the actual programming in terms of programming projects." – Müeyyed garz

"For me, it’s ‘early days’ since bning this, but it has been a most impressive start. This course is up-to-date, the material is clearly explained, and the instructor has a clear passion for both the subject and the learners. Everything (the lecture style, the homework, and the support network) so far has exceeded my expectations, and there’s clear evidence of a solid and pragmatic teaching methodology from the instructor. In essence, it looks like a student-led course (student-led learning is the most effective way!) where the instructor doesn’t allow the student to get lost! The instructor’s trifecta of: 1) excellent up-to-date knowledge; 2) a clear passion for sharing this knowledge; 3) a teaching methodology that is both challeg AND accessible to the learner; is the key to the success of this course. There is a solid support network on Discord as well, and (in case there is any doubt) I would recommend this course highly." – Bobby Bogan

"Simply amazing!!! I was looking for an in-depth, project-based C++ course and this is exactly what I had been looking for. If you want to learn to program or even if you already have some experience programming but are looking to build a more solid foundation I highly recommend this course. This is definitely the perfect introduction to programming." – Mariam Ihab

"This course is a hidden gem for many reasons. Firstly, the depth and breadth of the course are perfect to get you to a competent level. Secondly, the instructor is succinct and does not beat around the bush. He explains things clearly and to the point. Thirdly, the course is filled with exercises and assignments that make sure the concept is drilled in your head. I wish I had such a course back in university." – Sherif Hussein

"I highly recommend this course to anyone. Love the way that dr. Mustafa is teaching. It has covered all the basics and advanced C++ topics in a simple and clear fashion. He explains any structure in simple organized steps with real examples that helped me to stay focus and not get confused. I appreciate his efforts in providing lots of quizzes, homework, and projects." – Gogo

"The most perfect, organized, updated, and comprehensive C++ course I’ve ever seen. Made by a great experienced professional lecturer who designed the course perfectly well. Every second in each lesson is well spent and has dozens of organized information. The Quiz and Homework sections are the best among the other courses, very challeg, and will never leave you without comprehending the previous lessons completely." – Ahmed Refaat

"This course is clear and has excellent content. The projects & homework are very useful for programming skills in general, competitive programming, and building projects. The instructor is good and has huge knowledge and experience." – Abdulkader Safi

"This course is really great. Being both to the point and at the same giving the needed background and important concepts preparing you to tackle more advanced subjects in the future, has made this course the perfect choice and an awesome real starting point for me to pursue a career in CS. Highly recommended" – Bassem Hussein

"Really a wonderful course to learn c++. 1- The clarity with which the instructor speaks. 2- The Way this course is organized helped me revisiting the topics I needed to revise. 3- The coverage of many topics that other courses don’t offer and the large number of projects that this course offer to turn knowledge into real skills. 4- The Level of the quizzes, they are challeg. 5- I wanted to start Competitive Programming, and this course taught me all that I really need to start this journey." – Abdelrahman Ahmed

"The course is rich with wonderful practice and programming techniques. If you really want a strong fundamental in C++ programming, good knowledge in OOP, or building object-oriented projects, I recommend it strongly. It is also a very good step before starting in competitive programming." – Moaz Basheer

"I have tried a lot of courses in c++ in Udemy, Linda, Youtube also, their courses have same issues dependent on Syntax Only, how to type Variables, how to fix errors, how to code in c++ Only. But This Course is different a lot it helps You How to Think, How to Solve Problems, How to use this language in Competitive Programming, How To think about Your Project. it is really useful" – Kareem fthi

"This is the most focused, comprehensive, well-organized C++ course I’ve ever seen. Dr Mostafa has a unique and simple way of teaching and delivering the concepts. I really enjoyed this course and I will definitely recommend it to other people." – Haytham Waddah

"The most perfect, organized, updated, and comprehensive c++ course I’ve ever seen. Made by a great experienced professional lecturer who designed the course perfectly well. Every second in each lesson is well spent and has dozens of organized information. The Quiz and Homework sections are the best among the other courses, very challeg and will never leave you without comprehending the previous lessons completely. Overview this course deserves (100/100) and a donation to support the author!" – MinaMikhail Mikhail

"I have a nice experience in learning from e-learning websites like Coursera, Edx, Udacity, and Udemy and the way that Dr.Mostafa use to teach this course is the best way to learn from an online course he actually knows the gap in online courses, he fills these gaps by using such techniques like focusing in how to gain programming skills, abundant exercises, abundant homework, and a lot of projects. in my opinion, this course is the best course to learn programming and C++" – Mahmoud Abdelsamie Elsayed

Whoever curious about programming

Learned programming, but has weak skills due to trying little challenges and projects

Experts in other programming languages migrating to Python








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