epub | 363.55 KB | English | Isbn:B01MS88S8Y | Author: Erin Bedford | Year: 2017


Angels are experts when it comes to demons. Mary’s no different.

Los Angeles isn’t just a playground for those searching for a new start. It’s darker and more dangerous than they’ll ever know. So, when the L.A.P.D. comes knocking on Mary’s door with a case that could give her a chance at revenge on the demons that took her wings, she is hard pressed to say no.

Mary has her hands full trying to play human while looking for a way back home. Throw in an irate ex-client’s spouse and exorcised demons wanting payback, and she will be lucky to find time to polish her halo. With a mysterious half-demon who has his own secret agenda for her new case, her life becomes infinitely more complicated.

If Mary wants to get her revenge and save the friend she lost her wings for, she’ll have to put her angelic morals aside and start playing by their rules. But how far will she fall before she becomes too tainted to return to heaven? And does she even care?

Category:Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Demons, Angels, Supernatural, Magic, Audiobook, Romance, Fiction

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