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Comparison of echo server and concurrent server.

What you’ll learn

Understanding of Sockets and End point of Communication

Different Types of Sockets in Linux: Local and Remote/Internet Sockets

Socket System calls in Details

Practical- Server Program for Local Sockets

Practical Client Program for Local Sockets

Byte order Conversion and functions

Internet Socket Address Binding

Practical implementation of echo server

Practical implementation of client communicating with echo server

Practical demonstration of Serial processing of the clients

Introduction to fork system call for creating new processes in Linux

Practical implementation of Concurrent Server with the help of fork system call

Overview of UDP Socket communication

Practical Demonstration of UDP Server side program

Practical Demonstration of UDP Client side program and Communication between UDP Server & Client

Understanding Select system call

Working Procedure of Select System call

Practical Demonstration of Select System call with multiple clients


No prerequisites


Do you want to learn Linux Socket programming? If yes then we have a good news for you.

This course is designed for people who want to learn Linux socket programming from scratch!

Here in this course, we are going to cover ;

Introduction to Sockets

Types of Sockets – Local Sockets

Socket System calls

Practical Local Socket Programming

Byte order Conversion and functions

Internet Socket Address Binding

TCP Echo Server

TCP Concurrent Server

UDP server

TCP Server with I/O Multiplexing

Who this course is for:

anyone want to learn socket programing





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