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In this course, We will explain the essentials of Linear Algebra and everything that you need to understand the basics of linear algebra as well as explain Python from Scratch.

What you’ll learn

Complete Understanding of Python from Scratch

NumPy Array, NumPy Operations

Pandasn and Numpy for Data Analysis

DataFrames, Pandas Series, Pandas Matrix

Learn Numpy and Pandas Library

Understand The Basics of Linear Algebra And Have A Solid Foundation In Linear Algebra

Understand how to use Python to do linear algebra operations

Understand Linear regression


Basic High School Math


We will cover content such as:

Python 3 Basics to Advanced Level

Numpy Library and Pandas Library

Matrices and Linear System of Equations

Linear Regression with Python Numpy Library

Matrix Operations using Python Numpy Library

Gaussian Elimination

Reduced Echelon Form and RREF

Matrix Algebra

Special Matrices, Diagonal Matrices, and Inverse Matrices

Inverse Matrices and The Inverses of Transposed Matrices

Deteants and computing the Deteant

Much more!

By the end of this course, you should very comfortable with Python, Linear algebra, and be able to follow throw any Math which uses the Linear Algebra notation in Machine learning algorithms.

You will also get answers to any questions that you might have for life.

Who this course is for:

Computer Science Students Who Want To Learn More Linear Algebra

Students Who Want To Learn The Linear Algebra For Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Anyone Who Is Interested In Math And Wants To Study Linear Algebra

Data scientists who want to review their linear algebra

Anyone Who wants to learn Python for Data Science





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