epub | 1.1 MB | English | Isbn:B09GS7XPFV | Author: Carl Goodman | Year: 2021


A crime so brutal, it doesn’t end at death…When a walk home in Surrey leads to a schoolboy stumbling upon a horrific crime scene of 96 containers, each filled with perfectly preserved bodily remains, it’s down to D.I. Eva Harris to take on the unfathomable case.
Already haunted by her brush with the criminal underworld, Harris still has fears for her life – and the truth of what really happened being uncovered.
But now facing a new crime scene, she is forced to look at her options: either she is hunting a lone psychopath, or this is the labour of a network larger than she could have imagined.
As the case takes her across borders – from the upper class of society’s highest elite, to the bottom of a tense law-breaking chain – Harris must judge whether she can stomach the very limits of humanity, before her blood too runs cold…
A dark, gripping detective novel that fans of Stuart MacBride and M.W. Craven will love.
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Category:Mystery, Crime, Audiobook

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