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Letting go (Cascadia Book 3) – Mia Malone
epub | 252.43 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09765X88N | Author: Mia Malone | Year: 2021


“Why the fuck do you stay?”
“I have no choice.”
It cut through him to see the quick flash of pain in her eyes and the way she shrugged and tried to smile.
“Meg, sweetheart, you always have a choice,” he said gently.
“People like you do,” she replied. “I don’t.”

When the woman you’ve spent a lifetime yearning for suddenly is within your reach.
When she’s unattached, and you are too, and getting together would fit so well with everything going on in your lives.
And it hits you that you don’t want her anymore.
What do you do then?

When the man you didn’t want anymore needed you in a way you couldn’t reject.
When you find yourself trapped in a marriage that will never end.
And a man walks into your small business, you look straight into his green, sharp gaze, and you know that there he is.
The one who could mean something.
What do you do then?

Please note: This book contains crude words and somewhat explicit adult scenes. If this isn’t your thing, then this book might not be for you.

Category:Erotica, Erotic Literature & Fiction

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