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In this course, you’ll be able to learn the basic and intermediate stuff of C++.

What you’ll learn

coding in c++ programming language

Building Full Functioning Calculator

Building Students Report Card

Fog Patterns with Loops


A C++ compiler ( recommended: Dev C++ )


About This Class

About the class

C++ is considered to be one of the challeg computing language to learn, but here we’ll debunk the myths totally and get hands-on experience with this intuitive language. This course is designed for bners of coding, students and any one who wants to learn all about c++ .

Topics covered in the course

History of language


c++ data types

sequence control ( if statements)

switch statement



About the teacher

Sobika is really passionate about programming and coding. She is also given sars in her high school on developing and ethical hacking. So she’s here teaching c++ with her engaging and high quality videos.


In this course, you have extensive collection of projects you can code like

A full functioning Calculator

Building a Student Progress Card

Building a Divisibility test

Building Code Patterns

Please look at the the Class project section.

Any related Question and Answer will be readily answered by Sobika.

Things you might need

c++ compiler (dev c++)

mobile c++ compiler (android/ios)

Who this course is for:

Bners of c++ language and Students





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