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Welcome to Kubernetes on AWS using EKS course.

What you’ll learn

Deploy Kubernetes using eksctl

Deploy Kubernetes using CDK

Learn how to use Spot Instances with EKS

Learn how to use Fargate with EKS

EKS monitoring using Container Insights, Grafana and Prometheus

Scaling EKS Cluster

Kubernetes Dashboard Deployment

Learn how to use kube2iam and ExternalDNS

Deploy Stateful application with EBS CSI


Basic knowledge of AWS

A valid AWS account

Basic knowledge of Kubernetes


This course is completely focused on EKS – which is a manged Kubernetes service provided by AWS. In addition to EKS specific features, you will also learn basics building blocks of Kubernetes.

You will be fully equipped with Kubernetes and especially EKS concepts after you finish this course.

In this course, you will learn how to

Provision EKS using AWS Console, CDK and eksctl

Upgrade EKS Cluster using eksctl

Configure Fargate with EKS

Configure Spot Instances with EKS

Map IAM users and roles to Kubernetes RBAC

Deploy ALB and x Ingress controllers

Deploy kube2iam and ExternalDNS

Deploy and Configure Kubernetes Dashboard

Scale your EKS Cluster with Cluster Autoscaler, HPA and VPA approaches

Logging and Monitoring using Cloudwatch Container Insights, Grafana and Prometheus

Stateful deployments with EBS backed persistent storage

Container Storage Interface (CSI) provisioner

This course enables you to start working on EKS in a real environment straightaway.

Who this course is for:

AWS DevOps Eeers and Architects

Kubernetes Developers and Administrators who want to explore EKS

Anyone who wants to learn EKS





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