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Audio : AAC, 48000Hz, ~ 184 kbps, 2 channels

Updated 2020 ZBrush course from Madeleine Scott-Spencer. The course is intended primarily for beginners in their path of 3D-artists. In the course, you will get acquainted with all the basic and advanced tools and functionality of ZBrush.

The course consists of 54 chapters and includes 21 hours and 30 minutes of lectures. You will begin with a quick start guide for beginners, then Madeleine will begin modeling by creating a bust of a character from a sphere, while teaching basic concepts of working in ZBrush, such as dynamesh, subdivision levels, interaction and navigation in the interface. In the chapters that follow, you will delve deeper into the power of ZBrush and cover almost every aspect of the program to create the characters, creatures and props you can imagine.
The course also covers the new tools introduced in ZBrush in 2020.To work with the course, you will need the following programs: Zbrush 2020, KeyShot (in lecture 41, rendering will be done in this program), Photoshop.

00 Preview.mp4
01 Introduction.mp4
02 Quickstart.mp4
03 interface Fundamentals.mp4
04 Cameras.mp4
05 Folders.mp4
06 Hotkeys.mp4
07 Transpose Posing And Gizmo.mp4
08 Gizmo Deformers.mp4
09 Insert Mesh.mp4
10 ZRemesher.mp4
11 Dynamesh ZRemesh.mp4
12 Import meshes.mp4
13 Symmetry.mp4
14 Custom IMM Brushes.mp4
15 VDM Brushes.mp4
16 3D Alphas.mp4
17 Topology Brush.mp4
18 Custom Interface.mp4
19 Nanomesh.mp4
20 Hardsurface.mp4
21 Alphas .mp4
22 Stroke Menu.mp4
23 HD Subdivision Levels.mp4
24 Layers.mp4
25 Noisemaker.mp4
26 Mesh Extraction and Shadowbox.mp4
27 3D Text.mp4
28 ZSpheres.mp4
29 ZModeler.mp4
30 Array Mesh.mp4
31 Booleans.mp4
32 Polypaint.mp4
33 Adjust Polypaint MorphUV.mp4
34 Spotlight Texturing.mp4
35 Snapshot 3D.mp4
36 ZApplink.mp4
37 Photo Ref.mp4
38 Photoshop Passes.mp4
39 Materials.mp4
40 Enviroment Lighting.mp4
41 Keyshot.mp4
42 UV Master.mp4
43 Generate Maps.mp4
44 Fiber Mesh.mp4
45 Movies.mp4
46 Decimation Master.mp4
47 Posing.mp4
48 Sculptris pro.mp4
49 Polygroup Polypaint.mp4
50 History Brush.mp4
51 Deco Brush.mp4
52 Polypaint Thickness.mp4
53 ZColor.mp4
54 Extractor Brushes.mp4





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