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A complete understanding of what a version control system is, including Git and GitHub theory.

What you’ll learn

Theoretical and Practical concepts covering the differences between Git & GitHub, and their purposes.

Practical hands on guide to GitHub core concepts.

Learn what a repository is, and the differences between a local and remote repository.

Creating Github repositories and pushing the local repository to the Remote repository.

Learn the basic and advanced Git commands, such as add, remove, commit, and checkout.

Fully understand the Git ‘staging area’ and how to interact with it.

Learn to create Branches, add, remove and merge branch concepts with practical implementations.


Basic Computer skills

Basic Command Line skills


This course covers the core concepts in the version control system, focusing on using the git and GitHub.

Starting from the basics of the overall theory concepts for the version control system. In this course the familiarly known platform GitHub is covered using practical concepts comprehensively.

Basic to advanced concepts cover creating repositories both local and remote, push, pull and add features. Committing files to a repository, core concepts of branching and different branching strats.

The course is divided into six major sections:

Version Control System Basics

Git Introduction

Git and GitHub Practicals

Git Branching

Git Branching Workflows

Capstone Project

By the end of this course students will emerge with a solid understanding of git and github concepts and hands-on experience on this platform.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in using source control and specifically Git and GitHub Software eeers, developers, programmers new to Git or GitHub.

IT Managers or technical leads considering Git or GitHub for version control on their team

Freelancers or other creative professionals





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