English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 978-1838988388 | 369 Pages | True(PDF, EPUB, MOBI) | 17.24 MB

Biometric technologies provide a variety of robust and convenient methods to securely identify and authenticate an individual.

Work with common biometrics such as face, fingerprint, and iris recognition for business and personal use to ensure secure identification and authentication for fintech, homes, and computer systems

Key Features

Explore the next iteration of identity protection and overcome real-world challenges

Understand different biometric use cases to deploy a large-scale biometric system

Curated by renowned security ambassador and experienced author Lisa Bock

Book Description

Unlike a password or smart card, biometrics can identify an attribute that is not only unique to an individual, but also eliminates any possibility of duplication. Identity Management with Biometrics is a solid introduction for anyone who wants to explore biometric techniques, such as fingerprint, iris, voice, palm print, and facial recognition.

Starting with an overview of biometrics, you’ll learn the various uses and applications of biometrics in fintech, buildings, border control, and many other fields. You’ll understand the characteristics of an optimal biometric system and then review different types of errors and discover the benefits of multi-factor authentication. You’ll also get to grips with analyzing a biometric system for usability and accuracy and understand the process of implementation, testing, and deployment, along with addressing privacy concerns. The book outlines the importance of protecting biometric data by using encryption and shows you which factors to consider and how to analyze them before investing in biometric technologies.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with a variety of recognition processes and be able to make the right decisions when implementing biometric technologies.

What you will learn

Review the advantages and disadvantages of biometric technology

Understand the characteristics of an optimal biometric system

Discover the uses of biometrics and where they are used

Compare different types of errors and see how to tune your system

Understand the benefits of multi-factor authentication

Work with commonly used biometrics such as face, fingerprint, and iris

Analyze a biometric system for usability and accuracy

Address privacy concerns and get a glimpse of the future of biometrics

Who this book is for

Identity Management with Biometrics is for IT managers, security professionals, students, teachers, and anyone involved in selecting, purchasing, integrating, or securing a biometric system. This book will help you understand how to select the right biometric system for your organization and walk you through the steps for implementing identity management and authentication. A basic understanding of biometric authentication techniques, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, and the importance of providing a secure method of authenticating an individual will help you make the most of the book.

Table of Contents

Exploring Biometric Technology

Biometrics and Mobile Devices

Recognizing Biometric Characteristics

Comparing Advantages and Modalities

Implementing Fingerprint Technology

Using Facial Recognition

Learning Iris Recognition

Using Voice Recognition

Considering Alternate Biometrics

Selecting the Right Biometric

Integrating the Biometric System

Testing and System Deployment

Discovering Practical Biometric Applications

Addressing Privacy Concerns








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