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Knowing HTML is the first and most important step for those who want to build quality web pages.

What you’ll learn

Students will understand how a programming language works

Students will learn how several programming languages, HTML + CSS, work together

Students will be able to create a web page as complex as possible and exploit the content as they wish.

Learning the HTML programming language is a launching pad to a career in IT for those who want to work in this domain.


To Have a computer

Know how to open a Text Document file on your computer

Be open and eager to learn something new

Have an internet connection

Know how to create a new folder


The knowledge of HTML is the most important step for those who want to build quality web pages.

– Here you will find tutorials, online lessons, examples, courses and resources that teach you HTML.

The HTML lessons in this course are free and are best suited for bners in web development, who want to learn how to create Web pages manually, using the HTML language.

For those who want to start a career in the IT world and need a starting point, our course offers you the opportunity to quickly learn the most popular HTML + CSS programming language. What is the logic, how does it work and how can a professional web page be created. We are learning to link several pages so that in the end we have a mini website created by you.

We have lessons written as simple as possible to make it as easy as possible to understand how a programming language works.

In the end you will be as excited as possible after you are able to create your own website with your own knowledge.

I am at your disposal with great pleasure for any questions.

Who this course is for:

For bners, for the curious or for those who want to manage their site themselves

For those who want to advance in the IT world but have no starting point

For those who have tried to study online tutorials but have not been able to clearly understand how HTML and CSS work





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