Kirk Degiorgio | Duration: 2h 40m | Video: H264 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 1,93 GB | Language: English

Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Techno legend Kirk Degiorgio as he takes an in-depth analysis of Arturia’s new set of mic preamps, compressors and filters in their ‘Effects You’ll Actually Use’ bundle.

Once again Arturia has meticulously emulated some absolute classic pieces of hardware, and who better to test them out than someone who has worked in studios that often housed some of the rare and sought after originals.

Starting with the preamps, Kirk demonstrates the subtle but unique warmth these plugins can give your sound using a pad sound, vocals and an acoustic guitar.

We then check out the three available compressors using different source material rag from funk drums and bass to a more modern acid line proving that these historic pieces of kit are still super useful with today’s electronic dance genres in glueing and pushing your sounds to the forefront in the mix.

Finally, we look at Arturia’s three standalone filters for that more creative edge where you can literally while away hours tweaking and modulating envelopes and LFO’s to your heart’s content.

Not only a history lesson and insight into some of the hardware that’s lasted the test of , this is also a great course for those who want to get their hands on the more affordable emulations and see what they’re capable of demonstrated by a true professional.

Not one to be missed!





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