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Before starting this course a basic understanding of Unreal Ee 4.

What you’ll learn

Learn how to make a 3D platformer In Unreal Ee ( We will go over how to create a 1UP system coin collect, damage system, health system, moving platforms, ens and more )

How to create a boss fight with a health bar and enemy AI, in this course we go over how to set up some AI that are player will be able to fight

Develop your understanding of Unreal Ee Blueprint system

Learn to create a save game to save variables we will go over how to save the player lives, coins and levels he has unlocked

How to make a main menu and level unlock system


A PC Capable of Running Unreal Ee 4

Know how to move around the viewport and how to create blueprint classes


In this game design course, I will show you to make a 3d Platformer Game from Start to finish using Unreal Ee 4. You will also get the complete project files for this game to look around and go through this project.

This course contains 7 Chapters which will cover a range of topics :

How to setup a game project In Unreal Ee 4

How to make ens AI and Boss Battle

How to create different type of platforms such as moving and falling platforms

How to set up level unlock system

How to set up sound effects and more

Who this course is for:

A bner or intermediate game developer who is interested in learning how to make a 3d Platformer In Unreal Ee 4.





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