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HPGL2CAD Latest AutoCAD 2020 and PDF support!

HPGL2CAD is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that allows you to quickly convert HPGL, HP-GL, and PLT files to DWG and DXF, both formats that are supported by a multitude of CAD applications out there.

Before anything else, you should be aware of the fact that this application is capable of outputting files compatible with all version of AutoCAD, starting from AutoCAD 11, 12, 13, and 14, all the way up to AutoCAD 2016.

Streamlined installation process and simplistic user interface.
Deploying this utility on your computer’s system is by no means challeg, thanks to a streamlined installer that does not require much user intervention in order to get the job done.

As input file, HPGL plot file format (*.hpgl and *.plt).

As output file, PDF and All AutoCAD DXF/DWG versions through to AutoCAD 2020 are supported.

Batch conversion on the software interface.

Batch conversion via command line.

Allows wild card file naming to be used – i.e. translate *.plt *.dxf or *.plt *.dwg etc.

Command Line mode allows automated conversions.

Support multi-folio (multi-page) plot files. Each page is output to a separate DXF/DWG file.

Efficient output. e.g. makes use of R14+ DXF/DWG HATCH entity instead of outputting multiple lines.

option to join lines and arcs to single polyline.

output HPGL ‘dot’ as Point, or ignore, in preference to the HP defined ‘unit length vector’.

If selected, all line entities will be output as 2D Polylines/LWPolylines with widths corresponding to the originating plot file Pen Widths.

If selected, then for AutoCAD 2000+ versions of DXF/DWG Pen Widths in the plot file are translated to Line Weight values in the output file.

Apply a rotation to the translation. Available rotation values are 0,90,180,270 degrees.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version





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