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Learn the fundamentals of C#.

Learn Unity 3D Ee (2021) and C# Programing By Creating A Fun 3D Rocket Ship Platformer Using Unity 3D Physics

Variables, "if" statements, Arrays and creating an object oriented structure. No prior programming experience necessary.

Create a Rocket Ship in 3D with sounds effects, flying abilities, adjustable rotation speed, and particle effects like flames and explosions to conquer the Space Bound around it

Develop NINJA like skills in Unity 3D by Implementing sound effects (SFX), animations, scene lighting, and Cinemachine. And creating levels with 3D game objects

Become a professional programmer by learning "Version Control" a tool used by expert eeers. Not only in game development but in all programming based projects.

Build a solid foundation of Game design and Level design by understanding what player experience means and how to create enjoyable and fun levels for anyone looking to play your game

Master the art of problem solving when it comes to game development. By understanding what obstacles you may face and the many ways to research and find solutions for each.

Build Transferable coding skills from this course into any programming language you choose. Like JAVA, JavaScript, Python, C++ and any other object oriented language

Flex your "Game Developer" muscles by completing challenges presented to you every video. Enhancing your learning experience and adding your own flavor into the project.

A Working Computer or Laptop with minimum requirements to run Unity and Visual Studio (Which aren't too demanding)The Drive to learn how to create fun 3D games

This course is made with the latest content and newest technics used in modern Game Development (Unity 2020)

The best way to learn anything is by doing it in a really fun way and this is where this course comes from. If you want to learn how all these incredible games you see are made there is no better place to start than this course. We made sure that this course has everything you need to take you from a bner (even with zero codding experience) and slowly take you to intermediate and finally become a professional.

The main project of this course if the Space Bound Rocket Ship 3D and It’s the prefect project for students from any level. As it has a ton of options to play around with a discover the ins and outs of Unity Ee, at the same providing opportunities at every turn to use basic C# coding and advanced C# coding.

Everything in this course has been meticulously crafted, review and recrafted to provide you with the best experience possible and maximize your learning as much as possible. So not only will you have a great learning you’ll also get the MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK by going away from this course with a lot of tools in your arsenal to continue you journey in the wild west of game development.

Section 1 – Introduction:

Is where we set everything up. I will take you step by step through the process of ing Unity, installing it and integrating it with Visual studio. We also talk about how you can use this course and take full advantage of everything in it

Section 2 – Magic Shapes 3D – Basics of Unity and C#:

Is where we create the foundation of Unity and C#. If you are new to C3 and Unity and have zero experience this is the perfect place to start as we’ll go into everything that we’ll need for our future BIG project. You’ll learn about the basics of C# such as variables, if statements and arrays while building a fun mini game in Unity to help you get started

Section 3 – Creating Our Rocket:

We b the process of creating our incredible rocket. We start of by shaping our rocket and you’ll create your rocket you can make it whatever your heart desires. We’ll learn to fly our rocket based on players Input. We’ll also learn to add audio to our rocket and all of that while delving deeper into Unities system and understanding various concepts in C#

Section 4 – Level Design:

Is where we start creating our levels. Because every great rocket needs a great Space to fly in. We’ll understand the basics of Game Design and how industries look at the basics before before creating levels. We’ll understand scene management in Unity and C# and have a fully functioning at the end of the section

Section 5 – Advanced Rocket Ship Design:

This is where we take our rocket to the next level. We add a new dimension to our game with a follow cam. We’ll learn about an incredible tool of unlimited creativity called Unity’s particle system to help us create explosion effects and flames from our rocket. We’ll add even more sound effects. And finally add a health bar to our rocket and have extra game mechanics

Section 6 – Advanced Level Design:

With our new rocket we need new spaces for it to fly in. We’ll delve deeper into Unity Ee and learn about lighting our game to make some incredible scenery. We’ll learn about animations and apply them to our obstacles to make them more dynamic. And finally we’ll create a title Menu for our game with interactable buttons to start off our game

What You Will Learn In This Course:

and install Unity and Visual Studio

Why we need Visual Studio with Unity

Use Visual Studio with Unity in a simple way

How to set a good Game Development environment

Unity Ee are in a simple and comprehensive way

The Basics of C# in the most fun ways possible by creating a game

Use player input to control the behavior of our game

Add different component to game objects

Add gravity and other forces to game objects

Make game objects interact with each other in our game

Create a Flying Rocket Ship from basic 3D Shapes

Learn physics based rotation

Learn about Unities Particle System

Create Explosion effects and flames from our Rocket Ship

Learn the core of Game Design and what makes levels fun

Create multiple levels in game and how to move through them

Understand complex C# coding technics like "Coroutines

Create Debug Keys that allow you to play test your levels fast

Use Cinemachine a versatile Unity tool to add Follow Camera

Add multiple audios to our Game and different ways to do it

Create a Health Bar that dynamically changes when Rocket is hit

Shake your camera to create impact forces

Learn in detail every aspect of lighting in Unity

Understand how to animate to make them rotate, move and translate objects in levels

Create an interactable Title Menu with buttons and sliders

Who this course is for:Aspiring Game Developers that don't know where to start when it comes to creating gamesYoung programmers who want to learn the basics of coding in a really fun way by creating their own 3D games using Unity's very simple eeAnyone who's looking to create a 3D Rockets and doesn't know how to do it easily and efficientlyGame developers that have a solid foundation in Unity but feel they lack enough depth to create a game from A to Z





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