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Full Convert is the easiest way to convert your database.

Whether you need to simply copy your data over or have sophisticated customization needs, you have come to the right place. All popular databases are supported. A high-speed database converter carefully eeered to efficiently handle even the largest databases.
While this is not a complete feature list, it will certainly give you a look into the quality and robustness of Full Convert. It auto-adapts to your data and database ees used and selects the best possible data transfer algorithm for your conversion scenario. You have full control over the database migration and can override most of the things you can think of.

Supports over 30 database ees directly with no drivers needed

Supports even many more via standard ODBC drivers

Supports databases and individual tables of unlimited size and streams data with minimal memory consumption

Auto-adapts to user configuration for maximum speed

Auto-adapts to target database rules when naming objects

Uses bulk insert modes of target databases wherever possible

Built-in Scheduler for recurring conversions

Easy to use modern interface

Database explorer

Command-line support with rich project override switches

Automatic character set translation

Full Unicode support for international character data

Only dedicated native database components used for maximum speed, control, and reliability

Auto-select of optimal algorithm to transfer data reliably based on table structure, database ee and database version

Speeds of over 100 thousand records per second reached in favorable configurations

Speeds of 100 thousand records per second are common with fast target database server

Full Unicode support for international character data

Easy export to Microsoft Excel

Copy part or all of the data and paste it elsewhere in tab-separated value format

Best fit columns and Auto-height rows

In-place image and BLOB viewing

Table customization available for each table separately

Renaming of both table and each column

Skipping of certain columns in conversion

Creation of new columns with specification of SQL data expressions

Free-style data type and default value modification per column

Source table filtering (SQL where condition specification)

Conversion step modification (create table, indexes, constraints)

Mappings for all data types. Specific type lengths rules supported.

Data creation override (copy data, append, no data)

Auto-rename objects (table name prefix, table and column casing)

Run SQL scripts before and after conversion, on both source and target database

SQL scripts and system commands can be specified for execution before or after each conversion

SQL logging and conversion error logging

Specification of throttling when you don’t want to tax your database servers or file-system too much

Automatic character-set translation.




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