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Understand Pips, Points and Lots.

What you’ll learn

Have a full understanding of how the Forex Market operates

How to select a good Forex Broker for your account

Understand what shorting and going long

How to use tradingview for analyzing charts

How to use MT4 which is the most popular platform to enter into trades

Understand what leverage is and how it affects your trading

Types of orders: Buy / Sell / Buystop / Sellstop / Buylimit / Selllimit

You will learn the two types of Forex Analysis: Fundamental, Technical

How to use an Economic Calendar

By the end you will be a better PRICE ACTION trader without ZERO INDICATORS

You will know the basics of calculating and managing risks when trading Forex

Powerful forex strats and patterns

Money management and Risk management


A computer or a Mobile phone with internet connection


Are you tired of working relentlessly? Is your target to make more money and increase your income? Then without any hesitation consider this course as your best solution. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to start trading and become a profitable trader in the Forex market.

Hi, my name is Sayuru and I am a funded trader with over 7 years+ trading experience.

Trading in the Forex market with a good understanding and knowledge is a very big financial opportunity to get an extra income Since more than 7 trillion dollars of money is traded every day.

In this course, we will start with the very basics of trading where we will talk in detail about tradingview, pips, lot sizes, trading strats, risk management and many more. This is the only course which teaches you price action trading. So you will not need any indicators for your analysis. You will be able to get knowledge about good brokers and setup demo accounts to practise on how to apply the learnt knowledge in trading until you are fit to trade in real account.

I’ll teach how to read a market chart and analyse the currency fluctuations to make a profit with the use of most effective tools in technical analysis. I will teach you how to use the Economic Calendar to avoid or use of fundamental events that will impact utterly on Currency prices.

You will learn and know how to spot the best Chart Patterns and Candlestick patterns and become an expert in chart reading, which means you will become a profitable trader like me. We will teach you deeply and give you a proper understanding of Risk Management and Trading Psychology where you won’t let down your skill on trading due to simple mistakes or losses which even I made several s.

So throughout this course, step by step you will get to the peak level of understanding the concepts of Forex trading. But you should understand one thing, that is you will not become a skilled trader within one night. Once you sleep and get up the next morning you wouldn’t have made profits.

This is a real business, it can take months or years to produce the income you’re looking for.

As with all my courses:

You have unlimited life access at no extra costs.

All future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free

Full 30-day money-back-in-full guarantee

I am available to you if you get stuck or have a question –

Who this course is for:

Those who are willing to do forex trading as part or full trader

Those who are willing to get an income using forex

Those who want to understand how to read Forex charts

Those who want to read price action better without indicators

Those who want to learn Technical analysis and fundamental analysis





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