Created by Viliam Gregus | Last updated 11/2020
Duration: 1 hour | 1 section | 10 lectures | Video: 1280×720, 44 KHz | 375 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Charts, IF, Autofill, Conditional formating and much more with real-life examples.

Basic, most-commonly used Excel skills: VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Charts, IF function, Conditional formatting, Autofill, Sorting, Filtering, Table Trnsformation etc.

The only requirement is to have Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer installed.

In this course you will learn the most-used Excel skills which are most commonly required from top companies:


– Pivot Tables

– IF function

– Charts

– Autofill

– SUM,MIN,MAX,AVERAGE and other basic formulas

– Sorting and filtering

– Conditional formatting and more.

Everything is presented on real-life examples and in a ly manner. All videos are 5 minutes or shorter, ensuring you wont loose focus and stay motivated during the course. You will get a file with 25 tasks where you can exercise your newly aquired knowledge, all tasks are solved in the videos by the Lector.

This course is for:

– Excel bners and intermediate users with elementary knowledge of Excel (knowing how to input data, copy cell etc.)

Who this course is for:Daily users of excel: Accountants, Data analysts, Controllers, Managers etc.





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