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Solve problems on the operational amplifier circuits.

What you’ll learn


You should have basic knowledge of Current Electricity.


The Operational Amplifier (Op-amp) is a major component of the Advanced Level Physics.The Operational Amplifier is studied under the topic Electronics. There are twenty-six topics in the Advanced Level Physics Syllabus. This course focuses on just one topic.

The greatest challenge to students at Advanced Level Physics is the circuits incorporating the Operational Amplifier. In this course I have clearly shown you how to transit from what you know in current electricity to the circuits involving the Operational Amplifier.

The prerequisite knowledge you need to have in order to understand Electronics is circuits in general electricity. This simply means Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Laws. These concepts are studied under the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level of your full Advanced Level Course. It is assumed that you have done the AS part of this syllabus.

Each lecture consists of a specific concept which in my opinion is important. I have therefore designed the course in such a way that one concept is built on the previous one. So it is important that once you b the course, you do not skip any lecture.

Right from the first lecture, I draw your attention to the requirements of the Advanced Level Physics Syllabus. So if you have studied the Operational Amplifier in school, you will quickly identify these concepts.

The course has twenty-six video lectures. It will take you just a couple of hours to complete the course. I have kept the length of each lecture short enough as I am aware you may be under pressure to study other topics in the Syllabus. The

course starts with a look at Input devices and output devices. Then I introduce you to the Properties of an Ideal Operational Amplifier. This is closely followed by circuit connections involving the two power supplies and a discussion on the need for the two power supplies. This is followed by circuits involving input and output devices. At this point you will be ready to study the Operational Amplifier as a Comparator. Finally I will take you through the Inverting Amplifier and Non-Inverting amplifier. I end the course by looking at a comprehensive question which includes most of the requirements of the Advanced Level Physics Syllabus.

I am in the process of adding a few bonus lectures on the applications of the operational amplifier. This is in response to request from students who have found the course very useful and would wish that I shed some light on applications such as the Summing Amplifier, Differential, Integrator and other applications. I am particularly grateful to Pralay Kumar Pal who suggested I throw some light into these applications.

Welcome to the the course.

Who this course is for:

This course is meant for students pursuing Cambridge Advanced Level Physics syllabus (A2 physics)





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