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Basic Concepts: System of units (SI units), Charge & Current, Voltage Power & Energy, Circuit Elements.

What you’ll learn

Basic Laws: Ohm’s Law, Nodes & Branches and Loops, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Series Resistors And Voltage Division, Parallel Resistors And Current Division, Wye-Delta Transformation.

Methods Of Analysis(ADVANCED ANALYSIS): Nodal Analysis, Mesh Analysis, Super Nodes & Super Mesh.

Circuit Theorems: Superposition, Source transformation, Thevenin’s Theorem, Norton’s Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer.

Capacitors, Series And Parallel Capacitors.

Inductors, Series And Parallel Inductors.

Complex Numbers.

Sinusoids And Phasors and How to convert from Domain To phasor Domain.

Impedance For Capacitors And Inductors.


No prerequisites or requirements, basic algebra will get you through the course.

I will explain everything from the ground up.


I will explain every thing from the ground up to advance level

I will solve a lot of examples to make sure you understand every thing

In this course you will learn:

-System of units(SI).

-Charge and current.


-Power and energy.

-Circuit elements.

-passive and active elements.

-Ohm’s law.

-Nodes and branches and loops.

-Kirchhoff’s laws(KVL,KCL).

-Series resistors & voltage division.

-Parallel resistors & current division.

-Wye to Delta & Delta to Wye conversion.

-Nodal analysis & Super node.

-Mesh analysis & Super mesh.


-Source transformation.

-Thevenin’s theorem.

-Norton’s theorem.

-Maximum power transfer.


-Series and parallel capacitors.


-Series and parallel inductors.

-Complex numbers.

-Sinusoids & phasors.

-Converting from domain to phasor domain.

-Impedance for capacitors & Inductors.

Who this course is for:

Any one who interested in electric circuits.

Or an electrical eeer who wants to enhance his skills.





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