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Discover Web browsing histories in all major Web browsers!

Magic Browser Recovery finds and recovers deleted browsing history records, and helps analysing user’s Internet activities by providing access to existing and cleared browsing histories.

Browsing history recovery

Recover cleared browsing history;

Access history records even if the browser database has been physically deleted;

Analyzes the entire hard drive, including the file system, allocated and unallocated data blocks;

Content-aware analysis discovers browser-related records even in corrupted and incomplete files.

Online activity analysis

Extract user’s logins and passwords;

Discover social network activities, accounts and credentials;

Access user’s search and browsing history – even in Incognito mode;

Perform comprehensive analysis of user’s online activities in multiple Web browsers.

Access to Cleared Browser Histories

No matter if you cleared Web browser history, deleted a user account or uninstalled the Web browser, Magic Browser Recovery will help you recover the records. The tool will scan the entire hard drive via low-level access, discovering and displaying all supported Web browsers that you have ever used on your computer, and recovering their browsing histories – even if they are no longer available.

Recovers Deleted Files

More often than not, it’s not just a browsing history database that is cleared – it’s the whole bunch of files being physically deleted. If this is the case, no other tool can help but Magic Browser Recovery!

Magic Browser Recovery scans the entire hard drive including the file system, allocated and unallocated data blocks in order to discover deleted browsing history databases. Once a Web browser database is detected, Magic Browser Recovery automatically recovers (undeletes) the file, analyzes the database, extracts browsing history records and displays them so that they are easy to view.

Recover Private and Incognito Browser Sessions

Unlike similar tools that extract information from Web browsers based on existing files found in the file system, Magic Browser Recovery analyses information from individual data blocks on the hard drive. This allows our tool to find and recover deleted files, and extract valuable data from broken, incomplete and even partially overwritten browser databases.

As a result, you’ll be able to see which Web sites were visited even if the user cleaned their browser history or used the Incognito mode.

More than Just History

Magic Browser Recovery can recover more than just Web browsing history. Bookmarks, saved forms, addresses, phone numbers, logins and passwords are automatically extracted and displayed. By accessing the user’s logins and passwords, you might be able to review their communications in social networks, their activities in chats, forums and online games.

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